Windows 8 on Your New PC

Microsoft released the latest version of Windows, Windows 8, at the end of 2012. Now that it has been available for a few months, PC manufacturers are starting to bundle new systems with Windows 8 as their default operating system choice. As a rule, we do not recommend upgrading to the latest version of any software until a few months of widespread use have identified key issues or incompatibilities. Now that Windows 8 is past this stage, we have found that it will work as well as Windows 7 in many circumstances.

Windows 8 is built on top of Windows 7 so they are very similar at their core. Once of the biggest differences, and immediately noticeable, is that Microsoft removed the traditional Start Menu that has been the cornerstone of Windows since 1995. This was done to create a touch-friendly user interface that is similar across Microsoft platforms much like Apple and the iPhone/iPad. After working with it for almost a year, we have found that it has it merits. If given the option, we would still choose Windows 7 over Windows 8 but it is really a matter of preference.

If you have questions about whether or not Windows 8 is the right choice for you, please give us a call.