As the cannabis industry continues to boom, many business owners are now in need of IT infrastructure to help them overcome operational challenges, and to increase security to maintain compliance with local and state-wide regulations.

Cannabis growing, dispensary and business operation facilities are becoming increasingly tech-dependent. Everything from servers and workstations to software requires regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure your technology is optimized, efficient and regulation-compliant, while you work on cultivating the cannabis and the customer service sides of your business.

Aspire Technology Solutions specializes in providing IT support for cannabis businesses in the Broomfield, CO area.  Our IT services will keep you compliant and running smoothly, so you can focus on the growth of your business.  If you are in need of an IT company for your cannabis business, give us call today.

Why Choose Aspire?

Cannabis industry entrepreneurs need the right technology to aid in addressing business challenges, such as monitoring, product distribution, and product sales. Aspire Technology Solutions has been delivering IT services in the cannabis industry for many years, so we understand the technology that your company needs to be run smoothly and effectively.


Manufacturers are now developing technologies such as screen monitors, temperature gauges, sunlight sensors, water systems and software programs for growing operations that help produce quality cannabis products.


Aspire Technology supports hardware and software programs for use in your day to day business operations. Our team can manage these technologies to make sure that all software is up to date, hardware is working the way it should, and transactions and other customer data are secured.


We know that running a cannabis business has its own challenges, especially with regard to legislation and regulations. You will achieve full compliance with your technology when you partner with Aspire Technology Solutions.

The cannabis industry has a unique set of needs, including the types of IT solutions needed to support it.  Whether you are in the business of growing or dispensing or one of the many other related or ancillary cannabis businesses, Aspire Technology will be by your side to ensure your IT services help your cannabis business reach new heights.

Image Credit: Releaf Medical Cannabis