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A cost-effective way to increase productivity

Just over 10 years ago, a typical company had a cubicle for each employee and they would sit down in front of their desk to have access to a computer. Employees were glued to their seats all day long working. It wasn’t a bad setup, but not that functional and had some gaps in communication and operations. For example, an employee should receive a hard copy of a report for any closed-door meeting, or a companies had multiple computers set up in different places so employees were able to access their data from other rooms in the office.

Many businesses have adapted with technology and embraced a more digital culture, while some companies still lack an advanced technology environment. Regardless of where your business currently stands with wireless technology, we can help.

After a few decades, companies started to transform their layout configurations. Fewer cubicles, more open space and far fewer machines to keep running. More and more companies began adopting wireless network technology.

Mobility is still being rolled out and implemented across organizations large and small. Thanks to wireless technology, employees are not stuck in their cubicles anymore and are now able to work around the office as needed for various meetings and client appointments.

Some newer companies don’t even have cubicles at all! Now they have soft wide couches, tables, and chairs at the roof deck and even a working coffee lounge. Employees are now able to work anywhere they want and maintain productivity.

Wireless network support & consulting by Aspire Technology Solutions

We love wireless technology and the numerous benefits it provides to an organization. We have worked with a variety of companies on wireless network support projects to help businesses plan, strategize, and execute new wireless network deployments. If you have an existing wireless network but suffer from weak signal strength and connectivity issues, we can run an assessment to pinpoint the network weakenesses.

Our services include:

Using the latest radiofrequency visualization equipment our team will be able to map out the areas where a wireless network is most needed.

We will submit a comprehensive report about the wireless survey and will discuss our recommendation specific to design and layout as well as the right equipment to use.

We partnered with industry-leading suppliers to deliver you advanced and flexible wireless devices that can be monitored remotely 24/7.

Our solutions provide a full range of services, from configuration to firmware upgrades, to voice or email troubleshooting. We’ve got you covered end-to-end.

Enable your company and your team to reap the benefits of having a wireless network with the ability to move from one place to another within the office.

Visitors are also able to enjoy the BYOD feature of a well configured wireless network,  this may increase their interest in your business and transform them from potential to real clients. For over a decade, we have helped small to medium-sized companies transform how they connect to the internet and their internal network. Now they are more productive and are able to collaborate more seamlessly than ever before. Our team can make this a reality for your business premises as well.

We provide wireless network support and consulting services to companies in the Broomfield, CO area. Our expert wireless network consultants can help your organization realize the benefits of a superior wireless network configuration.

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