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The hidden threat of corporate email and how to manage risk in a digital age 

Technology is evolving at a furious rate, and where technology goes, cybersecurity issues are bound to follow. 

As companies continue to grow in complexity and sophistication, security threats are also keeping pace, especially from email. 

There is no doubt that email is an essential tool used in everyday life. It is a central line of communication for any company, and it’s critical that every business puts a focus on securing it as a valuable and vulnerable information hub. 

Not only do internal emails often contain sensitive information, but customer-facing lines of communication present an ecosystem that can be easily intercepted or infiltrated by unfamiliar senders, phishing scams and illegitimate requests for confidential information. 

Why is email so vulnerable? 

Emails take up an enormous part of America’s workday, with an average worker spending up to five hours a day engaged in their emails. This lengthy window of time provides maximum potential for spams and scams to insert themselves into the flood of back-and-forth communications. 

In addition, email is unique in that it is not driven just by lines of code and binary rules. Email also incorporates a human component, which adds variability and requires your employees, customers, and business partners to do their part to keep information safe. 

Why is spam so dangerous? 

Spam is an inalienable facet of every inbox. It is especially dangerous because it is common, diverse and simple to mistake for an authentic email. Keep in mind, a system’s digital components are not the only areas where security implementation is critical. Your business must also address the other half of the coin: human error. 

Without proper spam filters, virus-ridden emails can solicit clicks from unsuspecting victims, and easily introduce costly chaos into your company. The success of a spam email relies on finding those users who lack the proper education to spot malicious communications. 

What can your business do to make sure it is protected and safe?

Even as improved defenses are developed, malicious entities are working to outsmart them. So how does your business keep its security relevant and be protected against these risks? The answer lies in selecting an experienced service provider that has a proven record of providing customized, end-to-end oversight of all at-risk business practices. 

You can trust your email security to us.

Aspire Technology Solutions is a seasoned and trusted email security and spam filtering solutions consultant in the Lakewood, CO area. We can help you prevent potential breaches by conducting comprehensive email security audits and installing anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, firewalls, encryption and spam filtering solutions to keep your systems safe. 

Uninformed employees can be sitting ducks for malicious, unsolicited emails. Our well-rounded security approach includes employee training in email and password best practices. 

Digital solutions have become an ever-increasing portion of the modern business, and their associated security threats have grown as well. To truly reduce risk, companies must adopt security measures that address both human and digital vulnerabilities. Ongoing security requires more than a one-time approach, as every new advancement in technology poses a new risk. 

Keep your systems secure by relying on Aspire Technology Solutions, a trusted authority in security management, to routinely review risks, apply the latest safety measures and train your staff on best practices.