Big Box Quality?

If you have ever purchased a computer online or off the shelf at a big box store, you probably know why we raise the question about quality. Unless you really know computer components, configurations, manufacturers, performance histories, part compatibility, and replacement accessibility, you have to rely on what the computer manufacturers are putting into the computers you find on the shelf. Besides all of the preloaded junk software, they give you little more than a general description of the product and capacity. There is no mention of the reliability or quality of the components inside. The configuration options are much more limited, and with technology changing so often, the manufacturers like it this way. We aspire to give our customers more.

Big Box Service?

As with most big box stores, customer service and support is virtually nonexistent. You should not have to lug your computer and wait in line at the customer service desk at a big box store. You should not have to then try and explain your problem to a disinterested employee only to have to wait a week or two until they can get around to your problem. We aspire to give our customers more.

Better Computers, Better Support!

We started building Aspire custom computers to offer our customers a better quality product without all the headaches and let downs that computers purchased from big box stores typically have.

We build our custom Aspire computers that have better parts, perform at faster speeds and offer better warranties than any big box or online store. Aspire computers are clean from the onset without all the unnecessary junk software and they operate at peak performance before they find their way to your home or office. All of our Aspire custom computers come standard with a multi-year warranty included. On-site warranties, delivery, and our unique on-site installation services are also available as an upgrade on any of our custom builds. No more waiting in line at big box stores, no more trying to explain your technical problems to a disinterested employee.

Our goal is more than just providing a better quality computer. We want to make your computer buying experience seamless, easy, and enjoyable.