Protecting Your Data with Managed Backup Services

Your data and information assets are vital to your business survival. Physical assets can be replaced. Data and information, including accounting records, intellectual property, and proprietary information is much harder, or even impossible to rebuild. According to the data recovery experts at Kroll Ontrack, on average 50% of businesses that experience a significant data loss close their doors within 5 years – 70% within 1 year. Protecting your data needs be a top priority no matter the size of your business.

At Aspire, we provide affordable managed backup services that will ensure that your business will survive nearly any disaster, natural or man-made. We work with a wide variety of products and solutions that can protect large multi-server environments down to small single-user networks. Significant advances in technology have high-powered features affordable for businesses of all sizes such as virtualization, large storage capacity, and fast access to secure remote data centers. Aspire will help you take advantage of these technologies and protect your business.

Multiple Backup and Recovery Solutions

Do you already have a backup system in place? Not all managed backup systems are problem free or as comprehensive as they should be. Aspire can review and analyze your current backup system in depth to ensure that you are adequately protected.

Call us today to discuss the best managed backup services options for your business.