Email Security Solutions

Why do you need email security? One of the most common attack vectors for malware delivery is email. Years ago, it was very easy to spot malicious messages by their poorly written wording or formatting. Now, these messages are very well crafted and often very specifically targeted to distribute ransomware, solicit wire transfers, or steal passwords. Attackers have become smarter and use techniques to fake the origin of the message and sometimes impersonate people you know in an effort to trick you. Free spam filtering measures commonly included by hosting providers are simply not powerful enough. Plus, the more mailboxes you have the greater the risk of somebody in your organization getting fooled and infecting the network.

Bottom line – threats are constantly evolving, harder to spot, and a stronger email security solution is necessary.

Protect Your Email

Aspire offers a variety of email security and spam filtering solutions to combat this issue. All inbound and outbound email traffic is inspected to ensure spam, virus, and malware content is rejected or quarantined before arriving in your Inbox. Our solutions are cloud-based which keeps them up-to-date with the latest filtering techniques, reduces server processing and Internet bandwidth overhead, and limits direct exposure of your network. With an email protection platform, message encryption, content filtering, and data loss prevention can be easily activated to meet various industry compliance requirements.

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