Small Business Firewalls & Network Security

The cyber threats your business will face didn’t exist just a few years ago. Older network security technologies are no longer equipped to handle these threats.

There are now so many attack vectors that could allow someone access to your network and data, it is hard to cover all fronts unless you have an experienced team that can help you with risk assessments.

Here is just a small portion of what we consider in a good solution:

  • Identifying traffic sources
  • Making sure your firewall firmware is up to date
  • Making sure your content filtering is setup correctly and updating its database frequently
  • Identifying compromised user accounts and work stations
  • Determining which applications and programs should be allowed network priority. i.e. business applications vs. social networks
  • Redundancy in case of an outage
  • Reporting and Management
  • Integration with the network to identify, and block activity at the individual user level.

Call us for advice on what the best solution is for your business.