A Watchful Eye Over Your Network

Aspire’s Remote Monitoring service provides a proactive, real-time assessment of your desktops, laptops, servers, remote computers, and network devices.  Our skilled technicians will monitor the health status of physical infrastructure to help diagnose, notify, and resolve problems before they become critical. We offer several response levels for an incident depending on your organization’s needs. You benefit by having round-the-clock instant notification of failures, hardware changes, software changes, policy violations, low disk space, and availability of devices.  As a customer, you will also benefit from affordable pricing, reduced total cost of ownership, centralized management, and unmatched service.

Aspire’s Remote Monitoring services include regular health and well-being reviews for each monitored device.  The reviews are followed up with a status report and suggested courses of action in the event an issue.  This service offers your business the ultimate peace of mind knowing that our IT professionals are constantly in the loop and proactively keeping a watchful eye over your network.

Some of the areas monitored include:

  • Antivirus software and definitions status
  • Windows security patches and critical fixes
  • Windows Event Log errors and suspicious alerts
  • User account auditing
  • Software installation auditing
  • System resources availability and utilization trends (Processor, Memory, Disk)

Call us today and Aspire will help proactively identify issues before they become major problems.

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