It’s time for Security as a Service (SECaaS)

About SECaaS

If you have an email account via Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, then you are using SaaS (Software as a Service). Security as a Service is the security-centric application of SaaS. Many people and firms today are running antivirus systems like Malwarebytes or McAfee on their devices, which are good examples of basic Security as a Service.

The fundamental difference this makes is that security is delivered “as a service” as compared to legacy on-premise security programs. The as-a-service model, made possible by the advent of the cloud, provides you with an IT/network security platform without the need to invest in developing, managing and maintaining your own infrastructure.

Depending on your security needs and compliance requirements, there are many types of Security as a Service: threat monitoring and attack defense, data loss prevention, identity and access management, security assessment and auditing, and more.

The benefits of using a Security as a Service

The Security as a Service model switches your CapEx into Opex, which saves you money. You pay only for what you need and use in a cloud-delivered service, plus enjoy faster time to market. Time is money.

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Your Security as a Service partner is responsible for keeping up with the latest security tools and resources. The model also offers a “slam-dunk” approach when the upgrade occurs: It covers your entire organization on every server, laptop and mobile phone.

Since Security as a Service is provided externally, you lower your expenses for hiring and managing expert staff. Then you can allocate the money to where it’s most needed and your IT teams can focus on business priorities.

Why choose Aspire Technology Solutions as your SECaaS partner?

When you adopt SECaaS, you’re outsourcing and entrusting your organization’s IT security to a third party. You want to make sure the Security as a Service partner you’ve chosen can meet the following key criteria of performance:

Custom solutions

We offer assessment and auditing so you can gain a thorough understanding of your business’s network and the scope of cybersecurity you need. At the end of the day, we want you to choose the partner who can best serve your security requirements.


The purpose of Security as a Service is to outsource the security expertise you lack in-house. That means you need a partner with the required skills, certifications and vendor reputation, both general and specific. For example, we can handle business and industry-specific compliance requirements such as those that ensure privacy and security of customer data and protect payment information.

Availability and SLA

We guarantee your network is available 24/7/365. See our SLA, which ensures your full uptime, and learn about our quick response time and customized disaster recovery plan to handle an outage if it occurs.

Whether it’s beefing up your defenses or improving your bottom line, our SECaaS solutions can provide great value to your organization.  As your local Security as a Service partneryou’ll get a cost-effective and efficient solution based in the cloud.