Most Comprehensive Tune Up

Aspire takes great pride in offering the most comprehensive computer tune-up services available on the market today – it’s one of our signature services. An Aspire tune up will clean up your system to help it run as fast as it possibly can and give it the performance boost you have been looking for. Our tune-up also helps prevent future freezes, crashes and slow downs. Our tune-ups go one step further by looking at the security of the system and upgrading software as necessary.

Often overlooked and just as important, servers need tune-ups too. Aspire can perform an in-depth tune-up and review of your server to ensure the overall central health of your network. If you cannot remember the last time your server was tuned-up, it has been too long.

We always perform a detailed multi-point tune-up on every system to ensure it is running at peak performance.

Some of the items we address are:

  • Detailed hardware, software, and configuration assessment
  • File system fragmentation level
  • File system storage and usage review
  • Updates, patches, and security assessment
  • Virus and malware detection
  • System log file review
  • In-depth temporary file removal
  • Hardware performance and usage metrics
  • Immanent hardware failure warnings
  • Physical condition assessment

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