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When your small business grows, being able to easily scale your IT to meet the increased demand is crucial. With managed IT cloud solutions curated by Aspire Technology Solutions, you will never have to worry about running out of storage space or using too much bandwidth. In addition to scalability, cloud solutions offer a convenient way for your workforce to access information wherever, and whenever, they may need it.

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Our Managed IT Cloud Solution Services Include

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Finding the right fit for your small business’s cloud computing needs requires more than picking a provider and rolling out the solution. Deep thought and consideration must be focused on your business goals and lining up the managed IT cloud solution services that will help you achieve them. Aspire’s cloud consulting services begin with understanding your goals to help you achieve more.

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Cloud Deployment

Fast, seamless deployment of cloud services across your business mitigates the risk of lost productivity due to downtime. Our decades of experience with deployments enable us to roll out solutions at times that minimize disruption and keep your productivity high.

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Cloud Security

When your server isn’t on-premises, the risk of cybersecurity threats increases. If special care isn’t given to managed IT cloud security solutions, you could fall victim to nefarious attacks. The experienced analysts at Aspire Technology Solutions work continuously to make sure that your defenses are always up to date.

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Backup and Recovery

Outages and crashes are an unfortunate part of life even in cloud environments, but losing your data doesn’t have to be. With backups and solutions for disaster recovery, you can rest easy that when disaster strikes, the important data that your business relies on will always be within reach.

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Monitoring and Tuning

Our watchful eye never blinks. The cloud solutions experts at Aspire utilize decades of experience and automated monitoring tools to keep constant surveillance on the health and well-being of your cloud infrastructure. The constant vigilance enables us to make updates in real-time and provide a consistent experience.

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Our Managed IT Services

Strategy & Budgeting

Strategy begins with understanding. We will conduct an in-depth IT assessment, identify risks, and determine how technology will help you meet business goals.


Cybersecurity risks are real, no matter who you are. We’ll reduce that risk by adding layers to help protect your business and employees from malicious attacks.


If your business has a digital presence, there are policies to which you must adhere. We’ll help you improve alignment with privacy and security requirements.

Help Desk

We’re your first line of small business IT support. Our help desk analysts will troubleshoot any problems that arise with an impressive average response time.

Desktop Support

Computer issues destroy user productivity. With our desktop support, you’ll get help from an experienced technician whenever you need it.

Infrastructure Support

We’ll keep your business running smoothly with proactive guidance and ongoing support. Our strategies and procedures reduce risk and minimize downtime both on-premises and in the cloud.

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