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Microsoft 365 (also known as Microsoft Office 365) offers productivity power that helps drive the success of reaching your business goals. But properly deploying and managing the suite of applications internally can drain resources from mission-critical tasks. With Aspire’s Managed Microsoft 365 business support services, you can keep your workforce focused on working while we handle the tedious steps involved with deployment, administration, security, and maintenance.

From day-to-day troubleshooting to staying current with security best practices and compliance requirements, managing Microsoft 365 can seem like a full-time job. At Aspire Technology Solutions, we have been providing Microsoft 365 consulting and support since its release in 2013, and we have helped hundreds of Denver businesses use it to improve their efficiency. When IT works for you, you can unleash the full potential of your workforce.


Our Microsoft 365 Business Support Services Include:

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Deploying Microsoft 365 requires precise planning and expert knowledge to ensure a seamless experience. With over a decade of extensive deployment experience, we can help set you up for success.

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Common administrative tasks such as managing users, assigning licenses, and reviewing logs take time away from what matters most. Aspire’s Managed Microsoft 365 business support services ensure that your employees have access to the tools they need without any of the headache.

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Microsoft 365 is cloud based and Microsoft frequently makes updates that add new features and improve its functionality. Falling behind on the latest features and changes can decrease your efficiency as you may be missing out on a game changer for your business. Outsourcing your Microsoft 365 management to a local Denver IT company is a stress-free way to stay in the loop with all the platform has to offer.

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The complex array of applications within the Microsoft 365 suite are designed to work without issue, but errors are inevitable. Our Managed Microsoft 365 business support services include access to our trained Help Desk and Desktop Support staff who are standing by to resolve any incidents that arise.

Cost Analysis

When Microsoft released Microsoft 365 in 2013, they turned from an upfront payment to a subscription model. Figuring out which type and how many licenses your business will require is a crucial component of IT budgeting. With our Microsoft 365 consulting and cost analysis, we will discuss your goals, evaluate the different subscription options, determine your needs, and create a strategy that is scalable for growth.


Despite Microsoft’s best efforts to improve out-of-box security, Microsoft 365 still possesses a number of security risks and weaknesses. If your small business uses Microsoft 365 without taking the proper precautions, you could easily be subject to a cybersecurity attack. With the proper licensing, configuration, and monitoring, Aspire can dramatically reduce the risk associated with cloud file and collaboration platforms like Microsoft 365.

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Our Managed IT Services

Strategy & Budgeting

Strategy begins with understanding. We will conduct an in-depth IT assessment, identify risks, and determine how technology will help you meet business goals.


Cybersecurity risks are real, no matter who you are. We’ll reduce that risk by adding layers to help protect your business and employees from malicious attacks.


If your business has a digital presence, there are policies to which you must adhere. We’ll help you improve alignment with privacy and security requirements.

Help Desk

We’re your first line of small business IT support. Our help desk analysts will troubleshoot any problems that arise with an impressive average response time.

Desktop Support

Computer issues destroy user productivity. With our desktop support, you’ll get help from an experienced technician whenever you need it.

Infrastructure Support

We’ll keep your business running smoothly with proactive guidance and ongoing support. Our strategies and procedures reduce risk and minimize downtime both on-premises and in the cloud.

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