Determine Your Needs First

Are cloud based services right for your company? There are so many scattered discussions on this latest trend in information technology. There is no doubt, cloud computing is rapidly expanding into all facets of business applications. As a result, it is hard to get a clear picture of its long term impact and viability. There are several factors to keep in mind when trying to make a good decision about any cloud based service. Companies should be very careful to evaluate their needs first and make decisions centered on what will work best for their particular company.

Aspire Technology Solutions can help you evaluate your needs and guide you through the decision making process to ensure that you make smart choices as opposed to simply jumping on the band wagon of these new and still immature areas of IT service. Aspire Technology knows that a hybrid solution is the safest approach to cloud based services for the time being. We invite the opportunity to show you what we mean. Please read on.

Internet Delivery

Cloud based services uses internet technologies to deliver IT services. A lot of individuals and companies are currently using cloud based services and they don’t even know it. If a company uses on line back up service like Carbonite, or a hosted email filtering service like Postini, or even a hosted email service like Gmail, then they are using cloud based services. A company can rent either hardware as a service or software as a service.

Pay As You Go

With cloud based services there is no investment in on site equipment. Instead, you are paying for the use of a cloud based service provider’s hardware or software. In effect, they are simply renting you their equipment on a per user basis. The main attraction of this service is you pay a lower flat monthly fee that is easier on cash flow than any investments in on-site equipment. It is even put out there that with selective cloud based subscriptions you can wait to see how new technologies will develop before you invest in them.

Good for Start Ups

If you happen to be a start-up company then cloud based services have great appeal. If you have less than five users then this kind of service saves money. However, with a lot of these services there is a tipping point where more than five users can make it more expensive in the long run. Remember, ownership of equipment does not require endless monthly payments that are indefinite. Since most companies do not make it past their first year in business there is no wonder why so many cloud based services are popping up. But what if you already have on-site infrastructure in place?

Not So Fast

If you already have built in, on-site infrastructure in place it is not always as seamless to integrate with certain cloud based services. For example, it can be difficult to integrate with on-premise devices like multi-function copiers and printers. What if there is an internet outage? Some companies cannot afford any time outs or latency issues on either side of a connection.  What if you have compliance and security issues with your data? Who has access to your files? Releasing critical data out into the internet is a scary proposition for a lot of companies.

Where Is Your Data?

What about the stability of the company that is hosting one of these services? If there was a major disruption of service or the company gets acquired or goes out of business, would you even know where to go find your data? What about the potential legal, liability issues that hasn’t even played out in the courts just yet? These are all good questions that need to be answered before one should make any decisions about cloud based services. Cloud based services typically do not offer the kind of individual IT support needed to make these decisions.

We Can Help

This is where Aspire comes in. It is our job to help guide you through these uncharted waters and see you through to safe harbor. There will always be a need for quality IT support with the constant emergence of new technologies like cloud based services. The day has changed with IT service providers. We do more than just install and maintain network infrastructure. A good IT provider does not care which technology you use, whether it is an on-site solution or in the cloud. What we care about is if it is a practical solution to meet your specific business goals. Aspire Technology Solutions is a service first business that is focused on giving you the right technology solutions that can maximize your productivity and improve your bottom line.

Let’s meet and together, we can find the right solutions for you!